Sabre – Check flight availability

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This tutorial covers the basics of checking flight availability in Sabre.

The basic command for checking availability is.



This will check for flights going from ORD (Chicago) to BOS (Boston) on the 7th of November. Note the year does not have to be added. Sabre will automatically check for the current year or the next year if the month has already passed.

1(date)(citypairs) (time)


Checks for a flight going from ORD to BOS on the 7th of November leaving 10pm or later.

1(date)(citypairs) ☨ (airline code)

107NovOrdBos ☨ AA

Checks for the route with American Airlines.

1(date)(citypairs) (time) (connecting city)


Checks for a route from LAX (Los Angeles) to DEN (Denver) with a connecting flight in LAS (Las Vegas).

TIP: Sabre displays flights in blocks of 6. To see more flights use 1* to see the next block of flights.